Saturday, February 13, 2010


Children of Kalunga Beach
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Hippopotamus with baby
A little mongoose ate lunch with me

My favorite animal: Elephant and they were everywhere!!
Herd of elephants
Baby Zebra
Elephant after bathing in the dirt
So beautiful. 
Momma and baby Simba eating Water Buffalo

I mean, come on, this picture is amazing. 

Sunset over the Maasai Mara
Anj on the Choo Choo Lunatic Express
Nairobi Train Station: Next stop, KISUMU! (19 hours later)
Tusker Lager at Nairobi Train Station
Me on the Lunatic Express
Nairobi Train station from our window 
An old train we encountered outside of Kisumu 
River running through the countryside in Western Kenya (view from our train ride)

Bridge we are approaching on the Train
 Children outside of Kisumu watching the Lunatic Express pass through

Mbita Ferry Point: Last stop on the Mainland before Rusinga Island

Beautiful Child outside Mbita, Kenya
Sunset, at Dan's Father's home (the Farmer)
Community Center, Kageno Kenya
Our Patient's with Anjali after first day of clinic
Women of the Kamasengre East HIV support Group after our educational seminar
Kalunga Beach
Alphonce playing Soccer with Neighbors on our walk home (the kids would line up every day to say hi to us or play with us after our Kageno Clinic)
Maize being sold in the Market, Kalunga Beach
Mafuta Taa (kerosene)= tasty libation

man loading things into his home
Children we encountered on one of our walks home from Clinic
Bar on Kalunga Beach were we took Tuskers on New Year's Eve and our last night on the Island

I have so many photos, it is difficult to pick which ones to post.  

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